BEST & SWIFT IP SERVICES is a modern and progressive firm  provide a complete range of intellectual property services. We can provide support and assistance in relation to any intellectual property matter - patents, trade marks, designs or industrial copyright and domain names etc.
For example, we:

    1. Advise on patents, trade marks, designs, industrial copyright, domain names
    2. Perform audits to identify and secure intellectual property
    3. Obtain patents, trade marks, design, copyright and domain name worldwide
    4. Manage and maintain intellectual property portfolios
    5. Enforce intellectual property against infringers
    6. Defend intellectual property against attack
    7. Transfer ownership of intellectual property and license intellectual property
    8. Overcome problems presented by third party intellectual property

The firm has associated offices and/association with leading Law Firms all over the world handling the international filing and prosecution of Patent and Trademark applications of the firm's clientele.

The firm combines the capabilities of IP professionals and service managers along with skilled support personnel to provide fully integrated, high quality services. We help our clients capture the value of their intellectual property through patent, trademark, design, copyright and trade secret protection. Within a short span of time, this law firm strived to be a firm of excellence adhering to highest professional and ethical standards. Even at this humble beginning, the confidence bestowed on this firm by the industry and the legal profession world over is amazing. This is our strength and source of inspiration. BEST & SWIFT IP SERVICES is committed to a tradition for high ethical standards and excellence in professional service. Our success in litigation lies in our ability to develop an effective, well-researched and meticulously planned strategy for our clients.

The firm also undertakes Searches, Patent and Trademark registrations and prosecution of these in South and East  Asia, Gulf, Middle-East, Africa and Central Asian Countries.


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    A trade mark provides a way of distinguishing the origin of goods/services. A trade name may be the name under which a company or person conducts business.
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    A patent gives its owner the right to prevent others from using their idea commercially. However, to be valid, the idea must be new, inventive and industrially applicable.
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    Various aspects of the appearance (for example, the colour, shape or materials) of an article or product are protectable. There are two principle types of protection;
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    All of the arts are creative expressions of the human mind and are expressed visually, through writing, through sound, through movement, in 3D and in multimedia format.
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    Internet domain names have become increasingly important commercial tools, and are frequently treated as valuable assets in their own right. However, this growth in importance has also led to a
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